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Who is DVC?

Artistic Director and Managing Director: Mario Savastano                                                                               Mario Savastano can often be found teaching English at Wilson Magnet                                                       High School, where DVC was formed (as a drama/video club) in 2000.                                                         In keeping with the organization’s mission to perform affordable,                                                                   relevant, socially-conscious theatre, he has directed productions that                                                             include The Freedom of the City, No Exit, Necessary Targets, Titus                                                                 Andronicus, and Eleemosynary, as well as original projects such as                                                               American Skin, Disenchanted, Overcoming Andromeda, JUNK, and
                                                     Somewhere Under Wonderland. In 2013, he wrote and co-directed More   Than This, an original musical featuring the songs of Vanessa Carlton, which Vanessa herself called

Associate Artistic Director: M.J. Savastano

                                                     A supporter of the group since its inception and sib of Mario, M.J.                                                                  became an official member of DVC in 2011. A Rochester-based actor,                                                           artist educator and producer, M.J. has also co-directed, designed                                                                  costumes for and stage managed various productions. Having worked in                                                      theatre and theatre-based training for over ten years-locally and

                                                     nationally-M.J. is proud to bring their experience to DVC and to  
                                                     continue learning from this team of artists. M.J. helped found the                                                                  Rochester theatre companies METHOD MACHINE and Lady Parts Theatre Co. and has performed with Geva, Blackfriars, Out of Pocket Productions, Screen Plays, RCP, among others. M.J. holds a BA in both Theatre Arts and Education. 


Resident Artists:
Stage ManagersJamie DiGiacco and Kristina Chomiak

Set Designer: Alexus Maxam

DVC Board Members:

Kevin Chaba, Joey Chacon, Jamie DiGiacco, Alexus Maxam, Nadine Flores Trapani, Mario Savastano, MJ Savastano

Thank you for your support of the arts 
and your interest in DVC.
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